Anna Klimaszewska

Principal Coordinator
Assistant Professor

Anna Klimaszewska, PhD, in her research focuses on issues from the field of the history of French law and on the influence exerted by the French law on the shape of Polish legal culture. In 2013, she completed two projects financed by the Joint Center for History and Economics of Harvard University & University of Cambridge: "Adoption of the French Commercial Code of 1807 in the Duchy of Warsaw as a Significant Factor in the Development of Commercial Law on the Polish Territories” and "How to Rebuild the Feudal World? The Backward Poland at the Turn of the 18th and 19th Centuries in Clash with the Western European Legal, Political and Economic Thought” (co-authored with M. Gałędek). Since 2014, she is head of the research grant project financed by the NSC, entitled "Implementation of the French Rules of Commercial Law in the Duchy of Warsaw, Constitutional Kingdom of Poland and the Republic of Krakow - Code de Commerce in Clash with Polish Reality" (OPUS 5; co-authored with Dr M. Gałędek). She holds a scholarship awarded by the Minister of Science and Higher Education (a Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scholars) and by the Foundation for Polish Science. She is also a laureate of numerous prizes and a visiting professor at Université de Toulouse Capitol 1.